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Aged Care

Residential Aged Care (Including Nursing Homes)

Aged Care, which includes low and high care facilities, is regulated by the Federal Government and ongoing fees will include the Daily Care Fee and possibly a Means Tested Care fee.

In addition to these standard fees, the facility will also charge a contribution fee that will either be in the form of a lump sum, a daily accommodation payment or contribution.

Daily Care Fee (Standard Resident Contribution)

The daily care fee is based on 85% of the single Centrelink age pension. This fee is charged for every resident.

Means Tested Care Fee

The basic principal applied when entering aged care is that those who can afford to pay more will pay more than those who can’t.

This fee is set by Centrelink based on an income and assets test.

Where a means tested care fee is not payable, an Accommodation Contribution is likely to be payable.

This daily contribution replaces the Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) and can be funded (or part thereof) by a lump sum Refundable Accommodation Contribution (RAC).

Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) or Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP)

Each aged care home has an entry cost and this will vary between facilities and type of room available,

You will have the choice of payment options available and this may be dependent on the available assets. Please note that where the RAD or RAC is payable, a minimum level of assets must initially be maintained. The RAD or RAC is refunded when you leave the facility or paid to the estate on death. This lump sum is guaranteed by the Federal Government.

Where the DAP is selected, you are charged an interest rate and pay this amount on a daily basis in addition to the daily care and means tested care fee.

Getting Started

There are a number of steps required before entering aged care, including an aged care assessment. You Doctor or Nurse will generally provide a referral to a suitable Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) representative.

Should you be considering Aged Care options for yourself or family members, we would be pleased to discuss the various issues that need to be considered. These will generally include options around the sale or retention of the family home, and also the investment structures that may help minimise the asset & incomes test assessment.

Please don’t hesitate to contact this office to discuss our services in greater depth and to arrange a convenient appointment.